Middle Eastern migrants 'assimilate' into Germany's social welfare programs

One of the standard justifications for the mass importation of Middle Easterners into Western Europe has been economic: the need to replenish the workforce due to a declining native birthrate and to pay for the retirement benefits of an aging population.  Those urging increased immigration to the U.S. make similar arguments. However, a recent report out of Germany suggests that this plan isn't working out too well.  According to new figures released by Germany's Federal Employment Agency, three out of four working-age Syrians living in Germany are supported entirely or partially by the country's welfare system.  As of June, the official unemployment rate for Syrians in Germany was an astounding 44.2 percent.  And those figures understate the truth, said the report, because Syrian migrants who attend state-funded "integration courses" or "vocational language courses" are not regarded as unemployed, but...(Read Full Post)
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