Did Jerry Nadler lie to a federal judge?

As Congress returns from recess, impeachment talk is once again in the air.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't want a vote on impeachment because she recognizes that it is so unpopular outside the deep blue districts where Trump hatred rules that it could unseat many of the swing-district Democrats whose 2018 victories handed her the speaker's gavel.  Nonetheless, House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler is desperate to appear to his constituents as though he is fighting for impeachment and making progress, with a vote scheduled on formalizing procedures for an impeachment inquiry. The reason for Nadler's desperate pandering to the impeachment fever swamp faction of the party is clear.  He is scared to death that he will follow the fate of Joe Crowley and be defeated in the primary election by an attractive young female who is mounting a well financed campaign against him.  From the New York...(Read Full Post)
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