Deep thoughts on the Constitution from MSNBC’s Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes of MSNBC apparently is a big fan of tautology, delivering one of the stupidest lines of recent cable news memory. His studio audience failed to understand the fatuousness of this claim about the Electoral College:

“If it wasn’t [sic] in the Constitution specifically for the presidency, it would be unconstitutional.”

You may not believe me, so I have cued the video embedded below to the moment he utters this meaningless dictum:

Now that the Electoral College no longer favors Democrats with the disintegration of the “Blue Wall” of states that Democrats were believed to have a lock on, they suddenly have embarked on a campaign to question its legitimacy.  When Donald Trump won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin in 2016, the Electoral College turned from a Democrat advantage to one favoring the GOP, and that is all you need to know to understand the real basis of the rising chorus of media complaints against it.  (In fairness, when the Blue Wall still favored Democrats, citizen Donald Trump railed against it in 2012.)

Hayes, an Ivy Leaguer graduate of Brown University, may or may not have ever read the Federalist Papers that explain the logic of the Electoral College and the logic of the design of a constitutional republic, instead of a democracy ruled by a majority in all instances. He is definitely playing to a crowd that hasn’t got a clue about these founding documents, and which denigrate our history prior to 10 minutes ago as the product of dead white male slave owners.

This is deeply subversive of our constitutional order, and Hayes is positioning that common legacy as an unfair partisan advantage. Earlier in his broadcast, he called the Electoral College, “An institution that has become sacred… to Republicans….” It is “incompatible with our basic democratic commitment.”

Now that the government schools and most of higher education are in the hands of progressive ideologues, the coming generations will be highly receptive to idiotic arguments such as his. There is no chance that the Left will be able to amend the Constitution, since too many states have their voices enhanced by the EC, so this campaign really is aimed at undermining public support for the Constitution, itself. Those who want government in charge of every aspect of our lives understand that the concept of limited government that is embedded throughout the Constitution is the major obstacle to their absolute power.

Hat tip: Roger Luchs

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab

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