College courses illustrate the devolution of Western civilization

College isn't what it used to be.  Tuition is going up, up, up, and standards are going down, down, down.  Pay more, get less!  Take the University of California Berkeley, for example.  Please.  Tuition for out-of-state students runs roughly $43,000 a year.  Classes on Western civilization may be going the way of the dodo, but the young scholars can now choose to take classes such as "How to Solve the Rubik's Cube" and "Henna Art: Application and Cultural Perspectives."  According to the institution's website, these are legitimate for-credit courses created by the school's "DeCal" program, which stands for "democratic education." U.C. Berkeley offers over 150 DeCal courses, and the school says they are "an excellent way of meeting the university's minimum unit requirement" and adds that "all students are encouraged to consider taking...(Read Full Post)
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