CNN's spy exfiltration story was a Second Russia Hoax

Less than a day and half after it appeared, CNN's "exclusive" report by Jim Sciutto that worries over President Trump's handling of classified information led the CIA to exfiltrate "one of [the CIA's] highest level sources" from Russia has been shown to be a hoax.  Literally, a piece of Sciutto.  As phony as the allegation that President Trump hired Russian hookers to urinate on a Moscow hotel room mattress just because President Obama once supposedly slept on it.  Or that the man whose aggressive development of American fracking has devastated the pricing of Putin's sole money-making exports — oil and gas — is somehow in his pocket. The phoniness of this CNN report did not take long to become apparent. Source. Even the Trump-hating New York Times reported that the decision to remove the agent was made before Trump took office: C.I.A. officials worried about safety made...(Read Full Post)
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