Bill de Blasio quits presidential race, conservatives hardest hit

What a sad, sad, day for conservatives, especially the punditry.

Comrade Bill de Blasio seems to have engaged in some self-criticism and decided to withdraw from the presidential race. 

According to the New York Times:

"I feel like I've contributed all I can to this primary campaign, and it's clearly not my time," he said in an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "I'm going to end my presidential campaign, continue my work as mayor of New York City, and I'm going to keep speaking up for working people."

Mr. de Blasio focused his campaign on trying to improve the lives of those working people, proposing a "workers' Bill of Rights" to guarantee Americans paid time off and medical leave, and vowing to "tax the hell" out of the wealthy to pay for it.

Now he's free to return to his blue-city chaos: taxing all of the locals, alienating the cops, wrecking the schools, ripping out the city's beloved statues, and stoking the city's homeless problem.  The corruption will be abundant, the pastures green.

His bad polling numbers in New York will remain with him.

That was enough to leave conservatives in mourning.  President Trump led the charge with a master troll tweet:

This, sarcasm aside, is about the size of it.  The Sandalista comrade turned mayor of New York was last seen polling zero in a Siena poll — in his home base of New York City.  Trump himself probably polled higher.

A few months earlier, it was revealed that 70% of his campaign cash came from a single hotel worker union, in exchange for harassing AirBNB for them, which I wrote about here.  Might have been that they were willing to give him their money but not their votes.

And earlier than that, when he improbably announced his presidential run, he came up as one of the three people most disliked by New Yorkers.  Now he's one of the three most disliked people in America.

Nobody likes this guy.  Not even real New Yorkers, who almost always vote Democrat.

What a pathetic picture.  His exit was good riddance for the sake of the country, but for conservatives, there almost was reason to shed a tear.

They won't have this clown to kick around anymore.  No more "Lazy, Shiftless Bum," as the New York Post headlined, no more comical trolls from the Trumpsters or Trump himself.  What a pity.  It was all so much fun.



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