Comrade de Blasio gets a rude reception from 'the people'

Hoping to make a big splash ahead of his hankered after run for the presidency, things didn't go quite the way New York's socialist mayor thought they would go as he staged a Green New Deal press conference in the lobby of New York's Trump Tower.

According to the Associated Press:

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio staged a chaotic news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower on Monday in which he touted a city anti-pollution law, was heckled by President Donald Trump's supporters and said he will announce this week whether he's running for president.

Speaking at a podium steps from the spot where Trump announced his own run in 2015, the Democrat said he had come to warn the president that Trump Organization buildings could face a combined $2.1 million in annual fines by 2030 if they don't comply with a new law requiring skyscraper owners to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Problem is, he not only got booed, but got trolled — big time — with camera visuals that showed Trumpsters riding up and down on the escalators behind him, bearing signs calling de Blasio New York's worst ever mayor.

There they are, riding up and down the escalator behind him and his pre-printed Green New Deal placards, with hand-printed grassroots signs calling him "Worst Mayor Ever" and "Trump 2020" signs, up and down, up and down.

That's some hella street theater.  That's "seizing the narrative" as Ben Rhodes would say.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer socialist commissar, a man who has made life for New Yorkers utterly miserable as he caters to socialism's favorite special interests at the expense of the metropolis.

It's so bad that he's not even popular among Democrats — Democrats ranked him one of the three most disliked in this poll here.

"Why is Bill de Blasio running for president," asked the lefty Atlantic in its SEO headline, calling the matter a "head scratcher" in its teaser.

The latest news from the center-left Daily News of New York is that he's a traffic cheat who makes life miserable for ordinary New Yorkers, failing to follow the laws himself even as he lays it on the people.

Such a wretched mayor, and he thought he had a live one by holding himself up in contrast to Trump, presumably because Trump is less popular.

Nope, not with this booing and trolling, which he seemed to be completely opaque to, explaining that as mayor, he has "a thick skin."  What he meant was "tin ear."

The stunt has since made national news.

Nice work, socialist bozo.  Good luck with that presidency thing.  De Blasio must be convinced that a trip to the presidency is all about failing upward.

Image credit: Twitter screen grab.

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