Beto is just a 4-letter word

As I understand it, Dylan never released a recording of it, but Joan Baez gave us a wonderful rendition of "Love Is Just a Four-Letter Word." Nowadays, it sure looks as if Beto is nothing but a four-letter word.  He is certainly using them on the campaign trail.  Maybe he thinks this is how he will get the youth back in the game. Speaking on CNN, he referred to the situation related to the shootings as "f-----" up.  The transcript goes like this: Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke again dropped an F-bomb Sunday morning, calling Saturday's deadly shooting rampage in Odessa and Midland, Texas "f----- up." On CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, O'Rourke told host Dana Bash that "the rhetoric that we've used, the thoughts and prayers you just referred to, it has done nothing to stop the epidemic of gun violence." O'Rourke continued: "To protect our kids, our...(Read Full Post)
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