Debra Messing's doxx-the-Republicans threats get uglier

Until this week, I had always rather liked has-been actress Debra Messing.

She came up with this a few days ago:



Then her sidekick came up with this:



That's an actual Hollywood blacklist.

Then after she (and her buddy) were rebuked for their McCarthyite instincts by President Trump himself, Messing came up with this:



After that, she added yet another round of insult to injury, given that her original tweet was a threat, of that old Hollywood 'you'll never eat lunch in this town again' variety:



Is this a pig, or what? She digs herself into a hole and then just keeps digging.

It goes to show the depth of her hate and rage, an ironic thing given that her 'Will and Grace' big break was all about promoting love and intolerance. She's nothing but a two-bit McCarthyite or brownshirt, desperate to run anyone who's conservative out of Hollywood. As if such creatures were abundant.

Now she's giving Texas doxx king Rep. Joaquin Castro a run for his money.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit found this one, and added some suitable commentary as to what is going on here:



Fortunately, she's getting the middle finger from the people in her gunsights:



That's a sign of something. People aren't going to take it, and they aren't going to change their campaign choices. I for one, will never look at her on any large or small screen again.

One suspects the washed-up actress might just end up on the Kathy Griffin end of things for this vile stunt, squashed like a bug. Things have a way of happening like this. Get woke, go broke.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot


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