Bernie Sanders gives crying baby the heckler treatment

Socialists have never been particularly kind to children, and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gives a good whiff of that callousness out on the campaign trail.

At a Sanders speaking appearance in New Hampshire, a baby burst out in a sudden peal of screeches, and Sanders, calmly, without missing a beat, pointed at the baby and said:

"Can we keep that down a little bit?" Washington Examiner tweeted the video:



According to Splinter:

Speaking at a breakfast event in Epsom, NH, on Tuesday, video shows Sanders reiterating an attendee’s comment about having to cut his pills in half when he was briefly interrupted by the squeals of a child off camera.

Which raises questions about what kind of ego this guy has to think his own words are just so important that he can't show some consideration for a parent and an involuntarily crying baby, at a minimum, just pretending he doesn't hear them. A crying baby may be a challenge to him but it's always an even bigger challenge for a parent who must calm and comfort -- as well as endure brave nasty stares from outsiders.

Sanders apparently never spent any appreciable time with babies. He got his girlfriend pregnant in 1969 and declined to marry her, something that suggests he viewed the baby as an inconvenience. The rest of the kids he calls his own were stepchildren from his second wife's previous marriage, far from babyhood. Rest assured, he's not been around babies.

But even not being around babies isn't that great an excuse. Just how out of touch is this guy about human reality really? Telling a baby to shut up is insane, and not the least because the child doesn't understand spoken words. Sure, it's stressful, but he didn't sound stressed, he just pointed and commanded the baby as if he had a heckler coming at him. Up until now, nobody in politics -- or in any public speaking situation, has ever told a crying baby to shut up. It's not done. Is this Bernie's new barrier broken? Priests and rabbis undoubtedly deal with this during religious services all the time, and somehow they get through it with patience. The normal response for a public speaker in the face of a crying baby is to coo and perhaps make some droll humor until the child calms down.

It's like he's never developed coping mechanisms. The poet Maya Angelou had an excellent suggestion for dealing with crying children in churches - to say 'let that child cry' because it's the baby's way to pray. It works. For me, when I hear I crying child, I focus on the mother (or father) trying to calm the baby, saying to myself: The mother will always win. The other thing I do is recall that I was once a baby, and surely did the same thing, so it all evens out. I don't point and yell at the baby and say 'keep that down a little.' Nobody does.

Sanders is on record is favoring payments for third world abortions and other anti-baby measures. According to Breitbart, he views population control -- and getting rid of all those crying babies -- as his vehicle for saving the earth, declaring himself 'courageous.' Any surprise he's all in for ordering babies to 'keep that down a little bit,' too?

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