The Left treats some SCOTUS opinions as sacred, but others, not so much

Over the years, I've debated a few liberals about abortion or same sex marriage. They always say the same thing:  "It's a Supreme Court opinion...and let's respect the Court".

Then I read this in the news:   

Pennsylvania teachers' unions continue to include mandatory fees from nonmembers in new contracts despite a Supreme Court decision that declared coercive payments unconstitutional, according to a lawsuit.

The lawsuit comes in the wake of the 2018 Janus v. American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees ruling. The 5-4 decision said that government agencies violated the First Amendment rights of workers if they required employees to pay dues or fees to labor organizations.

Democratic Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf, who did not respond to requests for comment, benefited from nearly $6 million in PAC spending from government unions during his reelection campaign.

One non-union teacher suing to enforce the Janus ruling in Pennsylvania called the situation "absurd."

"As absurd as it sounds, [teachers' unions] are completely ignoring the Supreme Court's ruling," said Greg Hartnett. "The ruling is already benefiting me and countless others. But unfortunately, Pennsylvania law hasn't caught up with the times."

Really? Not caught up with the times?  

The real answer is that the Left believes in the US Constitution whenever they like the law or the court opinion.

For example, sanctuary cities.  Another example is the 2nd Amendment. 

And the latest is this Janus ruling!

If they like the opinion, they will throw it at your face. If they don't like the opinion, then they "resist."

This is not good way to run a democracy based on the rule of law.

Photo credit: Joe Ravi

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