They're watching the Epstein case from abroad, too

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the mishandling of the Jeffrey Epstein case is that the eyes of the world, including those of unfriendly powers, are watching. What would they make of a justice system that first goes for years allowing a well connected pedophile to operate, and then, when the law finally catches up to him, allows him to mysteriously die in prison, a claimed suicide.  And to make us all believe the unbelievable, a new tale is now being spun about guard incompetence, mysteriously non-recording cameras, a few screams at dawn, a missing roommate, someone who wasn't a guard guarding, an irregularly placed bed sheet, questions of why the inmate was or wasn't on suicide watch, and other errors? These don't occur in civilized countries within systems that employ prison guards making six-figure incomes, or at least, not until now.  The whole thing suggests some kind of payoff, some kind of arranged death or...(Read Full Post)