Leftist attack on ICE office in San Antonio may be a portent of worse to come

San Antonio's ICE office was hit with a barrage of bullets in the wee hours of the morning, mercifully striking no one, though there were people working in the specially targeted office.

Obviously, what happened was a political act, rooted in die-hard opposition to any enforcement of U.S. borders.  According to the Washington Examiner, it was the fourth such act targeting law enforcement in just a few weeks:

Last month, protesters with Never Again blocked the entrances to ICE's national headquarters in Washington, D.C.

In mid-July, police in Tacoma, Washington, fatally shot an armed man after they said he hurled Molotov cocktails at an ICE building.

On July 12, a group of protesters in Aurora, Colorado, took down an American flag and two other flags from outside an ICE facility and raised a Mexican flag and a defaced "thin blue line" flag, which commemorates law enforcement.

Antifa is a likely suspect, given its open advocacy of violence and encouragement from some elements of the media, such as Fredo Cuomo.  But there are others, from the list cited by the Examiner above, as well as a new investigative book coming up from Michelle Malkin, chronicling the funders of open borders.  She describes it here.

It represents a downward slide, the Latin Americanization of U.S. politics.  If you want to know how Colombia became a hellhole in the late 1990s when first Pablo Escobar and his M-19 leftist guerrilla allies waged a reign of terror on the country's judges, then the Cali cartel did its damage, then the FARC Marxist narco-terrorists made open warfare with the Colombia government, and now the ELN has made Colombia so miserable, look no farther than the leftist rhetoric coming from the pols, the press, and the university intellectuals.  Together, they created the Petri dish from which terror attacks on government buildings could go off with such impunity. 

From San Antonio in particular, we are seeing the bedrock of incivility and leftist rhetoric already being laid.  The city's congressman, Rep. Joaquin Castro, was last seen doxxing his constituents for donating money to President Trump's re-election campaign and, whether he admits it or not, encouraging harassment of the locals he purportedly represents.  The city's archbishop, Gustavo Garcia-Siller, openly declared President Trump a racist, an unprecedented wading into politics for a Catholic prelate, and something he had to apologize for.  But the deed was done.  The rhetoric was out there, and next thing you know, a quite possibly liberation theology–minded leftist radical shot up the ICE offices in San Antonio. 

Thus far, in the wake of this gun violence, the archbishop hasn't condemned what happened at his own hometown ICE offices.  His outrage over gun violence, it seems, is selective.

Nor have any Democratic politicians so far as I have been able to find.  It's hard to prove a negative, but I hunted and didn't see any outrage from leftists, whether political, academic, or media-centered.

The scary thing about this is not the hypocrisy of these supposed anti–gun violencers, but that the stage has been set for worse acts to follow.  If the thugs who shot up the government office can get away with this with no condemnation from the Petri dish that nourishes their sick dreams of violence and civil war, what's to stop them from cooking up something worse?  Nobody in the establishment is going to say anything.

That's what makes this attack a signal that worse is coming.