The next revolution: The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is all the rage on the Left.  Psychopaths who hide their lust to dominate others claim that this is for the "salvation of the planet."  They present themselves as benign saviors to mask their tyrannical intentions.  The Green New Deal isn't about combating "climate change."  It is about finalizing total control over societies and, of course, the Earth.

Proponents of green communism are now fear-mongering about the danger of ancient diseases that we're not prepared to deal with.  These petty tyrants who blush and gush at the prospects of enslavement while speaking of liberty and equality are hoping to scare people into surrendering their self-reliance and self-rule.  For that is the true intent of presenting the apocalyptic scenario of species extinction.  If the green communists can scare people into believing that the apocalypse is nigh, the frightened, they hope, will foolishly turn to the government to save them.

This enslavement to the state is not even to a national one.  It would be to a transnational statist supra-organism.  Our enslavement would be to a global collective of managers, or, if we lived in the 1920s, we would rightly call it a global soviet.

Since "globalism" (in its corporatist-managerial form) is on the backslide, the global communists who know no loyalty to nation, tribe, or family need to switch the flagship of global domination from the oft-derided corporate-tech alliance to the more superficially benign transnational environmental lobby.  Many people have grown skeptical of globalization by corporations and Silicon Valley startups.  Most people, however, are ignorant of the dangerous intent of green communism and its lust to destroy whomever it regards as deplorables while also enslaving all other peoples and nations to its dictatorial soviet.

The green soviet that would run our lives would be the unelected bureaucrats and managers appointed to top positions of hidden power by the most tyrannical and left-wing of elected representatives in the United States and the rotting carcass of Europe.  These people would be accountable to no one and impose over all the Earth their vision of the good society.  That's the point.  For the coming green revolution to be successful, it cannot allow itself to be challenged at the ballot box.  Thus, it will become imperative for the green communists to immediately establish new federal organizations, international organizations, and international treaties, which will be binding over us all — completely abrogating all national laws, customs, and traditions in the process.  Not to mention the complete negation of what remains of the Common Law tradition in the United States.

As such, the urgency of the imposition of green totalitarianism over the earth will only heighten in the coming years, nay, decades.  We will hear, ad nauseam, of the coming doom to the planet and to mankind—er, "peoplekind."  We will hear how we are "the last generation" to "save the planet." We already see the fangs of green communism in the Democratic Party and by its leading candidates running to be world commissar from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  All the main contenders have been busily rolling out their version of the Green New Deal, not so much just to Americans, but to all the people of the world (since Democrats are running for world commissar).  For if a Democrat is elected to the presidency, their plan will become the default global plan to installing this new totalitarian regime over us.

Americans, and the people of the world, should not be fooled by deceitful smiles emanating from the face of Satan.  The green communists come as if our friend, as Lucifer did to Eve.  Their intent, however, is as lethal and domineering.  Once they implement their revolutionary plan for enslaving the planet, we will be enchained to a new body of death.  What liberties we still enjoy will be snatched away in the name of the "greater good," for the Amazon rainforest and the African Serengeti.

This seemingly benign attempt to save the world, however, is really a movement of cruel control and hatred.  Hatred for rural communities; hatred for entrepreneurs and business-owners; hatred for anyone who makes a six-figure salary or more (unless they pragmatically become the funders of the coming green revolution and therefore position themselves as the technocratic elite of this prospective brave new world); and, most of all, hatred for the United States of America are what motivates the green communists in their bid to destroy their enemies and enslave the world to their totalitarian fantasies.  We cannot, in all likelihood, rely on the mainstream Republicans and "conservative" establishment who serve as controlled opposition and the rear guard of leftist drift.  Many are already jumping ship and extolling the necessity of tackling climate change.

The green communists also know the stakes of the battle. And it is a battle.  Freedom and self-rule, sometimes, must be seized by force. So, the green communists will do everything they can to prevent that from happening too. Hence we see, in conjuncture with the urgency of the Green New Deal, the urgency of gun control.

Instead, those of us who are patriots of limited government and self-rule (the genuine "democracy" in the way that Tocqueville described it in Democracy in America) must seize control of the decadent body of the Republican Party to prevent this prospective tyranny (emanating from within the United States by Democrats and collaborationist Republicans) from being imposed on us. This is why 2020 and beyond will be the true battleground for the defenders of freedom and the self-determination of nations and peoples worldwide. In a revelation of true poetic irony, it is the nationalists and conservatives on the political right who stand for the salvation of the world: the salvation of sovereignty and self-determination from the forces of global tyranny. It is a battle we cannot afford to lose.

Photo credit: Inotherwoods7.

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