Soledad O'Brien insults black people who support Trump

Apparently, you can't go to a Trump rally while black without getting insulted by leftists.

Washed up actress Bette Midler was the last one we heard from on it, calling black people at Trump rallies "blackground" and that was just a week ago.  Now, fourth-rate talking head Soledad O'Brien has picked up the torch to throw out another insult to black people:

See, the black people there are just hired mercenaries, hired hands, the help, not people who might actually support Trump.  In O'Brien's view, black people are incapable of "thinking for themselves," as Candace Owens puts it, which draws many to support President Trump.  She's completely convinced that if you're black, you must hate Trump.

Cincinnati, where a massive rally was held yesterday, is a city with a significant black population: according to Wikipedia, it's about 45% black.  It would be quite natural for a massive rally for Trump in that city to include at least some black voters. 

Kanye West, the "walk away" movement, and Trump's own direct appeal are just some of the reasons black voters are moving toward Trump in rising numbers.  Combine that with Trump's record on things black people value, such as jobs, school choice, keeping illegals who depress black wages out, and even Trump's willingness to stick up for black Americans who've gotten into trouble abroad, and it's simply reality that more black voters are moving to Trump.

So now we get these creepy insults, not just from Midler, but now O'Brien, implying that black support for the president can't possibly be authentic.  There will be more of them as these two get away with it.  It's garbage.  It's incredibly insulting.  And when you get right down to it, it's actually racist.

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