Lackluster presidential field causing desperate Dems to turn to hopes of Michelle Obama running

Not too many Democrats will admit it in public, but many know that their presidential field really is a clown car, full of clownish politicians.  When Joe Biden looks like awise moderate, they are in trouble.  Eight years of Obama's presidency cost them over a thousand seats at all levels of elected government, and the bench is thin, to say the least.

Michael Moore was given 12 minutes of MSNBC air time last Tuesday, and the portly gazillionaire who wouldn't let his own employees unionize spent a good part of it hoping Michelle Obama would run for president because he thinks she could defeat Trump handily.

People who know her aver that Mrs. Obama is not interested in the presidency, that she enjoys her life of luxury and leisure, and would rather not run.  I've never met the woman, but she does not seem like Hillary Clinton in a lust for power.  She just said she has "zero interest" in running.

On the other hand, she continues to share her home with Valerie Jarrett, who introduced her to her husband, who ran things while Barack was watching sports on TV, shooting hoops, and hitting golf balls, who most certainly is interested in political power.

We have almost a year until push comes to shove at the Democratic National Convention.  The only circumstances under which I could conceive of Mrs. Obama being prevailed upon to reluctantly run (presumably as a beard for the third term for Valerie and Barack) is if the convention deadlocks with no clear winner on the first ballot.  At that point, superdelegates become eligible to vote on the second ballot.

I still consider this scenario unlikely.  Everything I have learned about it suggests that running a presidential campaign is trying and exhausting.  You have to really, really want to be president to put up with it.  And I sense that Mrs. Obama already resents what she had to put up with for her husband to become POTUS.  Can you imagine her campaigning with her heart full of resentment?

But we'll see how the Democrats' circular firing squad plays out.

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