NY Times infested with bedbugs

Is Mother Nature sending a message to America’s progressives? In the wake of the discovery of a new species of blood-sucking leech in the DC Beltway and the outbreak of rat-borne typhus in Los Angeles come news that the New York Times has been infested with bedbugs.

Joshua Caplan of Breitbart reports:

The New York Times’ head office in Midtown Manhattan was treated for a bedbug infestation over the weekend.

The newspaper’s Building Operations team sent a company-wide email on Monday disclosing that a sweep of the newspaper’s newsroom uncovered “evidence of bedbugs” in a “wellness room” on the second floor, as well as on the third and fourth floor.

Photo credit: Geoff Livingstone

I wonder what a “wellness room” is? Perhaps a place with beds or cots where weary Timesmen and Timeswomen can take a healing rest after bashing Trump for hours on end? That would offer the sheets that bedbugs prefer.

The Times has confirmed the report:



I hope that people are watching for Orkin trucks parked in front of the Washington Post offices.

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