The blood-sucking leeches of the Beltway just got a new addition

From the Smithsonian Institution comes news that sounds political but is merely symbolically suggestive.  Via WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C.:

Scientists with the Smithsonian have discovered a new blood-sucker in the D.C. area — a previously unknown species of leech that has three jaws with up to 59 teeth.

The scientists with the Smithsonian recently published a paper in the Journal of Parasitology documenting their discovery of the leech, or Macrobdella mimicus. They said the leech is the first to be discovered on the content in over 40 years. (snip)

Scientists said the new species of leech is olive-green with orange spots. It's about as long as a cigarette and as wide as two, the scientists said. The leech's 59 to 59 teeth are used to bite a siphon blood from humans, and the scientists said leeches like this species can suck two-to-five times their body weight in blood, "thanks to expandable pockets in their intestines."

The leech was initially identified in southern Maryland [i.e., the DC suburbs where many federal bureaucrats live – TL] the scientists said. It can be found in many locations from Northern Georgia to Long Island, NY.

I realize this is a cheap shot, but fess up: when you read "leeches" and "Beltway" in the title, didn't you immediately think of federal employees?

Hat tip: Roger Luchs.

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