Mueller, Epstein, and the rule of law

After this weekend, I have little faith in the U.S.'s go-forward ability to blindly administer the Rule of Law. I'll spare the details of the Epstein story, as they've been trickling out over the weekend, but based on those details, it's clear the fix is blatantly in, with astonishing hubris.  Common sense would signal that powerful people assessed the risk of Epstein dumping the goods on them versus the risk of taking him out — in blatant public view — and opted for the latter.  It's as if the Corleone family and the Matrix calling the shots in the Bourne Trilogy have come to life. Malfeasance within our justice system kicked into a new gear, commencing with the two-year Mueller investigation.  It's irrelevant whether or not you're a Trump-supporter; that "windmill chase" shone the spotlight on a U.S. legal system that pivoted to the premise of an individual having a position of guilt...(Read Full Post)
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