Verbal diarrhea: Take a look at Jake Tapper's face as Beto O'Rourke tries to tell him all Trump voters are racist

If Democrats and their media allies can be described as a single animal, take a look at this picture of CNN anchor Jake Tapper and flailing presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke as O'Rourke tries to claim that anyone voting for President Trump is a racist.  Tapper looks like the front end of the beast in the throes of some kind of extended digestive trouble and O'Rourke looks like the back end, producing the noisy "output."

The video is here.

It's an amazingly extended and strung out series of statements from a man who looks every inch the smarmy rich white lordling he is, telling America what a pack of racists they are for voting for President Trump.

Tapper asked him how it was that Trump won his state and 63 million Americans could vote for him in 2016 if it was so very racist to cast a vote for Trump in 2020.  O'Rourke blinked and then replied: "I think it's really hard," after which he went on to cite an utterly false and surreal litany of tall tales from the Book of the Left to support his assertion that a vote for Trump really is vote for a hooded racist.

A few points within O'Rourke's run-on sentence can be picked apart here as examples:

"Everything we've seen, from his time as a candidate in 2016 to his repeated warnings of 'invasion.'"  What exactly does O'Rourke call a million-person unvetted border surge on an unlocked border other than "invasion"?  Oh, got it: Racism.

"To his repeated call to 'send them back,' sending back U.S. citizens..."  This is a new one.  Trump has never called to send back U.S. citizens to Honduras or any illegal alien–exporting country.  As far as Trump's Twitter kerfuffle with the far-left "squad" goes, he advised them to fix up their old homelands and come back, in what was seen as criticism of the America-hating Rep. Ilhan Omar.  Not even that works, however, given that his earlier reference was to the matter of illegals.

"His description of white nationalists and Klansmen and Neo-Nazis as 'very fine people'..."  False.  Utterly false.  Another old and long discredited lie long ago debunked by a reading of what Trump actually said.

"His warnings of Muslims as being somehow inherently defective..."  Nope, Trump never said that, either — he borrowed a list from the Obama administration on terrorism-prone countries, which didn't include all Muslim countries, for extra screening to protect the U.S.  Big made-up lie on that one, one he must have come up with on the spot as his torrent of words kept flowing.

"His transgender troop ban..."  Transgender is now a race?  Pair that right up with Julián Castro's claim that men have babies.

"His attack on anyone who does not look like, or pray like, or love like..."  More phony drivel.  More making it up.

No wonder Tapper looked like the guy on the toilet waiting desperately for the whole thing to be over.  With a string of drivel like that from O'Rourke, where is one to start?  The bottom line here is that O'Rourke is an increasingly irrelevant candidate, his words are increasingly inchoate, and he's being used to fill news time, despite his one-percent support among Democrats alone.  Nobody wants this guy, so now he's being made the verbal diarrhea mouthpiece for the increasingly unhinged Democrat narrative.

Tapper shouldn't put up with this dreck and really ought to have repeated his question to O'Rourke in a bid to pin him down and make him answer it.  Perhaps he knew that was an impossible task.  Tapper's expression pretty well told us what he thought of this clown whose ultimate message is that anyone voting for Trump is a rank racist.

It's time for the hook.

Image credit: YouTube screen shots.

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