Maybe Trump should imitate Joaquin Castro

The Democrats defend people who enter the country illegally and call them "immigrants." At the same time, Representative Joaquín Castro released a list of people who contributed legally to President Trump in San Antonio.  The first group is another victim, and the second group is promoting hate.

President Trump should release the name of every Democrat who accepted a campaign contribution from him.  In fact, there are quite a few on the list, and some are calling him a "racist" today:

Kamala Harris received money from Donald Trump as recently as six years ago. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hosted a Park Avenue fundraiser for Cory Booker. Kirsten Gillibrand took in Trump family donations three times across a seven-year period — and then gave a similar amount of money to a nonprofit years later after the president mocked her in a tweet.

As the president gears up for his re-election fight, donor records show that six of the declared or potential Democrats itching to take him on have themselves been the beneficiaries of his — or his daughter's — largesse.

Of course, President Trump was a businessman and gave money to put a hotel here or there.  I understand that.

However, he should point out that these Democrats never returned his money.  This is especially true given the calls that he is a racist or been associated with white supremacists over the years.

Call out the Democrats and unleash the Squad on them to return the money.

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