Liberal hysteria on guns obscures the real enemy

In the wake of recent terrorist attacks, liberal politicians preach taking guns away from everyone except people whom they control, like the police.  Conservatives advocate putting guns into the hands of good guys.  In the process, we are losing sight of our deadliest enemy: radical Muslims. Liberals tell us our most deadly enemy is the white male.  Liberals have popular phrases to summarize this enemy, such as "white privilege" and "toxic masculinity."  If they really hate white males so much, they should stop using the electric light bulb, made practical by Thomas Edison; nuclear power, whose theory was developed in part by Albert Einstein; and the automobile, developed in part by Henry Ford — all white males. Whites do not always cause terrorist incidents.  For example, a black man named Aaron Alexis killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard on 16 September 2013.  Another example is Major...(Read Full Post)
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