Even the Left is tuning out Rachel Maddow

Like the famous story about the kid who cried wolf, Rachel Maddow is yelling, "Trump is a racist" or "Russia, Russia" every night.  The result is the same.  People stopped paying attention to the kid, and now they are doing the same to Rachel.

The latest numbers are not good news for MSNBC:

In fact, July was not a good month overall for the NBCUniversal-owned MSNBC.

First, top-rated Maddow was down in a month that launched with the outlet hosting the first round of Democratic presidential debates. Then, snagging a result of just 125,000 for total day, MSNBC had its least watched month among the 25-54s since the former Celebrity Apprentice host moved into the White House in January 2017 –- and that’s with Robert Mueller’s much hyped congressional hearings on July 24.

I'll let the experts analyze the numbers.  Let me share my reasons for Rachel's troubles:

1. She is not honest.  She has been a spokeswoman for the resistance for two years.  It worked when Mueller was writing his report.  It fails miserably now that the report concluded no collusion.

2. Her show is a 60-minute presentation of every possible anti-Trump conspiracy theory.  In fact, the crazier the conspiracy, the more likely that Rachel will talk about it.

Let the numbers be whatever they are.  What Rachel lacks is seriousness, and most serious Americans are turning her off.

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