Epstein's killer has already gotten away with murder

The minute I read Trey Gowdy's quote concerning Jeffrey Epstein's suicide, I knew we will never get to the bottom of the irresponsible and unforgiveable actions of our government concerning the suicide of Epstein.

Gowdy, who never gets to the bottom of anything before retiring and cashing big checks, said, "I am heartbroken for the victims."

Gowdy might as well have said, "Well, that's that; we will never know the truth.  Too bad for all of those underage women.  I am sorry, but the secrets die with the man."

No further curiosity needed; too bad for those girls.

Gowdy knows how things work around here.

According to Morgan Krakow, Hannah Knowles, and Marisa Lati at MSN, "Epstein was placed on suicide watch last month but then taken off within about a week, a person familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity told the Washington Post."

We should know right this minute who took Epstein off suicide watch. 

But we don't.

And I doubt we will ever know.

Whoever gave that order is the traitor in our midst.

So we begin another round of "investigation" that will lead to nowhere because pertinent questions will never be asked.

The Jeffrey Epstein suicide case begins with the person who ordered Epstein off suicide watch.  This person pulled the trigger, whether Epstein actually committed the act or someone else shoved Epstein's neck into the noose.

Who lifted the suicide watch and pushed Jeffrey Epstein's button?

It's just one more thing we will never get to the bottom of.

And that's more than a little heartbreaking.