The fiction of man-made global warming

There is absolutely no way that so-called greenhouse gas emissions can cause warming or generate heat. It is a fiction that is spread by such august bodies as the IPCC and promulgated by news channels like the BBC and CNN and is even taught to unsuspecting children in schools.  Far from greenhouse gas emissions generating heat, precisely the opposite is true.

What is the principal greenhouse gas? It is water vapor, which constitutes 90% of all greenhouse gases. How is it generated? As the infrared radiation from the Sun strikes the surface of the oceans, liquid saltwater is turned into a gas, water vapor, by evaporation. Evaporation is cooling, not warming -- every simpleton knows that.

This gas, water vapor, then rises up by convection and condenses into clouds.  Clouds are also cooling as they scatter the incoming solar infrared radiation.  Then rain, snow, or sleet falls from these clouds.  What is a common observation, most remarkably in summer?  The temperature drops, as the atmosphere cools rapidly.  So here we see that the principal "greenhouse gas" leads to cooling all round.  It is hardly surprising that we do not hear calls for emissions of water vapor to be culled.

What is even more remarkable is that the salt water of the oceans is turned into fresh water to fill our reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and streams, which in turn find their way out to the sea.  This is the miracle of the Water Cycle — the miracle of water into wine, of saltwater into fresh.

The transport of perishable foodstuffs depends upon refrigeration, whether by truck, by aircraft, or most importantly by container ships at sea.  What is the principal refrigerant?  It is carbon dioxide, that most maligned of all the greenhouse gases.  Far from warming the planet, as we are supposed to believe, that clear colorless gas is not only a coolant, but also a fire retardant and a refrigerant.

Ah! say some physicists, sagely nodding their heads, but carbon dioxide absorbs infrared.  In layman's language, that means it "warms up."  But then everything under the Sun absorbs infrared and warms up except three things.  The two principal gases of the atmosphere, nitrogen and oxygen, are transparent to infrared, whether incoming or outgoing, so they do not warm from the infrared.  What is the third item, if one can call it an item?  It is vacuum; it is nothing.  One cannot warm "nothing," since there is nothing to get warm.

It is absolute folly to dismiss the Water Cycle.  It is even greater folly to forget or misunderstand the Carbon Cycle.  Carbon dioxide is food for green plants on land and sea.  We cannot live without oxygen and green plants, and ocean plankton need carbon dioxide as a food, from which oxygen is produced as a byproduct.  To treat carbon dioxide as a pollutant is one of the biggest mistakes mankind could make and has made these past 30 or more years.  Indeed, all the bad air in cities could be solved by encouraging green spaces, by the planting of more trees.  We all need to be green, truly green, not hysterical and political green, which is another animal altogether.

Nature already has the systems in place to produce fresh water from seawater, the Water Cycle.  Nature already has the systems in place to produce fresh air from foul air — the Carbon Cycle.  So we do not need to Save the Planet, since the planet knows better than any climate charlatan how to save itself.