Does anyone have a right to practice sharia?

In America, we tend to frown on certain behaviors, often creating legislation in order to classify them as criminal and prohibited.  We attempt to promote the advancement of civilization, while attempting to suppress barbarism. Or at least that was the formal understanding with regard to what our duty and purpose were, even if we sometimes failed to fulfill them.  That duty and purpose is succinctly expressed in the Preamble to our Constitution, so that we may correctly conclude that the phrase "constitutional law" at least partly refers to law that seeks to support and further that duty and purpose. Although our laws tend to lean toward advancement of civilization and away from tolerance of barbarism, a growing trend in society reveals the existence of numerous public officials (including jurists, law enforcement officials, legislators, and executives), as well as numerous private individuals from all walks of life, who show evidence of leaning...(Read Full Post)
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