Democrat opposition to Netanyahu, 2015 and 2019

Anyone who reads the news in 2019 can see that Republicans and Democrats can't agree on much anymore.  It was not long ago that there were plenty of issues that received bipartisan support.  In November of 2012, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand sponsored a Senate resolution to show support for Israel.  There were 35 Democrat cosponsors and 30 Republican cosponsors then; the resolution was supported unanimously.  Americans, particularly those who stand with Israel, can see that this is becoming a less common occasion. Last week, tension between the Democratic Party and the Israeli government had gone so far downhill that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to reiterate his respect for Congress as a whole.  Before taking off on a trip to Ukraine on Sunday, Netanyahu explained, "We respect all parties in the United States, but we also respect ourselves.  Everyone who comes to boycott us and comes...(Read Full Post)
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