The Democrats' war against the Jews

Rip, rip, rip.  That's the sound of the anti-Semitic, hate-filled, back-stabbing Democrats ripping off their masks and baring their mendacious tongues.  Their myth is shattered.  No longer can they maintain the sham of being home to American Jews and a faithful friend to Israel. 

Sure, not all Democrats.  But the power structure of the United States Democratic Party is now dominated by supporters of BDS, anti-Israel fallacious meme–throwers, and kindlers of a civil war among American Jewish partisans. 

It didn't happen overnight.  But while Republican Jews and Evangelicals and others were proudly and loudly supporting Jews and Israel, their warnings went unheeded.  A harbinger of future president Barack Hussein Obama's orientation was his virtue-signaling in his book, The Audacity of Hope, published in 2006.  In it, Obama wrote the infamous sentence about ugly things happening in America, such as Japanese internment camps, and that he would stand with Muslims should the winds of change again occur in America.  The sentence was gratuitous.  Five years after 9/11, heinously perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Allah, no untoward U.S. governmental action had been implemented against them. 

Obama was sworn in as the 44th U.S. president in January 2009.  Barely six months later, he flashed his anti-Israel teeth in his infamous speech, "A New Beginning," given in June 2009 at the University of Cairo in Egypt.  In it, he called Israeli settlements "illegitimate" and called for a two-state solution.  Moreover, he was determined to strengthen ties with the Muslim world, negotiate with Iran, and apologize for past American ills.  

These anti-Israel proclamations were followed by his humiliating posture toward Israeli president Bibi Netanyahu and his infamous deal with Iran.  Obama's antipathy was echoed by a fierce diatribe from Hillary Clinton; Joe Biden being notoriously late for a meeting in Israel with Bibi; and John Kerry's anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian stance.

While Obama's animus seemed focused on Israel and its policies, his successors have no such restraints.  Democrat freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar has proclaimed, "It's all about the Benjamins" and that the Israeli lobby controls D.C.  Rashida Tlaib, another Democrat freshman congresswoman, was sworn into Congress wearing Palestinian garb.  Her definition of a one-state solution is one Palestinian state.  Israel is named Palestine on the map that hangs in her office.

She has earned the distinction of hating Israel more than loving her grandmother when, after she and Omar were banned from entering Israel, she declined to accept the special entry she was granted to visit her grandmother living in the West Bank.  Both she and Omar are vocal supporters of BDS and are joined in this support by two other Democrat freshman congresswomen: the superstar Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Soyini Pressley.  The four are benignly referred to as "the Squad," but this quartet is not a jejune cheerleading team.  Rather, they are anti-Semitic bomb-throwers who have rendered the vast majority of their party powerless. 

Omar has not been stripped of her seat on the Foreign Relations Committee, nor has any member of the Squad been significantly publicly rebuked since the first cries for apology were issued last February.  Instead, House speaker and veteran politician Nancy Pelosi recently accompanied Omar to Ghana.  Also, the House Democrats have been critical of Netanyahu's barring of Omar's and Tlaib's entry into Israel.  One wonders where they would draw the line. 

The majority of Americans do not accept the Squad's virulent anti-Semitism.  But their hatred is now out there.  It encourages and gives cover to their followers, enables other anti-Semites to discard their inhibitions, and softens the public to the hate.  Unfortunately, their anti-Semitic platform has not only more sharply divided Jews, but has destroyed bipartisan support for Israel.  Forced to decide between Israel and the Democratic Party, most have chosen the party. 

On the flip side, the Republican Party is ardently pro-Israel and pro-Jewish.  Similarity, pro-Jewish, pro-Israel, pro-Republican organizations are burgeoning.  The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) in less than 20 years has grown from a few hundred members to over 50,000.  A relatively new group, Jexit (Jews exiting the Democrat Party), is exploding.  In fact, Jexit is proving so successful that Candace Owens, and other African-American leaders, are attempting to form a coalition between Jexit and Blexit.  Another recently formed group, Jews Choose Trump, boasts many ex-Democrat members.  

The anti-Jew streets have been paved for millennia.  Can they be barricaded in America?

Snap.  Zip.  Click.  The sounds of checkbooks, billfolds, wallets, handbags, and electronic devices closing to stop donations to Democrat candidates and the Democratic National Committee. 

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