Christopher Cuomo is an embarrassment to Italians

CNN's Christopher Cuomo, brother of N.Y. governor Andrew Cuomo and son of former N.Y. governor Mario Cuomo, objected to a man who called him Fredo.  He threatened to punch out and throw the man down the steps. He then repeatedly used the F-word against the man and, even more bizarre, said the term "Fredo" is a slur against Italians comparable to the N-word against blacks. As an American of Italian descent, I don't know any Italian, other than Fredo Cuomo, who thinks "Fredo" is a slur against Italians.  Certainly, it is not remotely close to the N-word. "Fredo" has entered the popular culture to refer to a dim-witted man who gets by because of family connections such as having a smarter brother or father paving the way for his success.  As everyone knows, the brilliant actor John Cazale played Fredo in The Godfather 1 and 2.  Fredo Corleone was upset that his younger brother, Michael, had the brains and...(Read Full Post)