'Racist!' The word that has been stripped of all meaning.

It should be clear to all Americans by now that the word the Left loves to spew indiscriminately — racism — often now means nothing, absolutely nothing.  That word is meant to be an accusation of the worst order, an epithet that is supposed to destroy all those so charged.  But now it's used so frequently that it has no meaning at all.  It's like the F-word, overused and merely a sign of one's lack of a wider vocabulary.  Like the overused F-word, calling someone a "racist" is a sign of sloppy, uncritical thinking.  The word "racist" now means nothing more than any other bit of profanity hurled at those whom lefties have been directed to hate.  As the eminent Charles Kesler said a few weeks ago, it is just an all-purpose epithet.  Martin Luther King, Jr., someone who knew about real racists, would have been appalled by the cheapening of the term, as much as he would be horrified to learn that one's character no longer counts at all — not one bit.  Only skin color, sexual orientation, or some other fabricated victim grouping of which one can claim membership matters, or perhaps having a sufficiently Alinskyite ideology. 

President Trump is no racist by any definition of the word, and all those Democrats calling him one know it.  The president has a long record of colorblindness in business and in his personal life.  The Dems know that as well.  They are the people who see skin color first and foremost.  They think their abdication to its primacy above all is crucial to their taking back the presidency.  In reality, they are the actual racists.  But the word no longer has any meaning, and they know it.  That is why they have escalated their attacks on Trump as a "white supremacist."  How absurdly ridiculous.  If there are any white supremacists in the U.S. today, they are small in number and certifiably insane.  Everyone knows that, including the Democrats who are tossing that smear around.

This has been true for more than a hundred years.  It was the Democrats who resisted the self-evident truth that "all men are created equal" up to and throughout the Civil War and after, up to and throughout the 1960s.  It was the Republicans who passed the Civil Rights laws.  It was Republicans who championed integration, Republicans who made it happen.  Our Millennials, of course, have been lied to from kindergarten and throughout their education.  They know none of the real history of the racism at the root of the Democratic Party.  They cannot be expected to grasp the still deeply racist nature of today's Left, which does not have the country's best interest at heart. 

Joe Biden lectured Iowa voters over the weekend about how "Poor kids are just as bright, just as talented as white kids."  How's that for racism straight up?  But then, Biden was at heart a segregationist, as were most of the Democrats of his era.  Now he's just a mind-numbed bumbler of obvious proportions.  Someone clearly needs to gently escort Joe off the national stage.  It's time to leave it to Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders to disavow their privilege (Harris is not African-American in any usual definition of the term) in order to embrace only persons of color and illegal migrants as future voters.  Each of the Democrat candidates for president has disavowed all white people as culpable for any and all of America's sins of the past — slavery, patriarchy, misogyny, homophobia, and the embrace of Judeo-Christian values.  They indict our Founders on a daily basis and promise to abrogate the Constitution.  First Amendment?  Gone.  Second Amendment?  Gone. 

They actually think the nation is on board with so many crimes against the American citizens who value their freedom and their constitutionally guaranteed liberty, above all else.  Let us hope they are wrong.  If young people are enticed by the false promises of socialism and vote for these people who want to hijack our freedoms, it will be the end of our republic, the end of our Founders' glorious creation. 

So, to the Left: Keep calling us all racists.  Keep calling the president a racist.  We know that you know it's a lie.  But you think most voters are stupid.  You think our African-American and Hispanic citizens are stupid.  You think everyone will fall for your endless racist defamation.  People won't.  The Democrats are the racists, and they make that fact clearer and clearer every day.  Your strategy is a blight upon the memory and legacy of MLK.  Your candidates, each and every one of them, have made racism, in the real sense of the word, the basis of your campaign.  You've troubled your own house and shall inherit the wind.

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