So Trump is the divisive one when he brings up Democrat policies?

I find it tremendously humorous that people pretending to be journalists, as they campaign to elect Democrats and implement their policies, find it divisive if President Trump campaigns by pointing out Democrat policies.  They say he's catering to his base.  Trump must be the first person ever to cater to his base and bring up policy differences.  I am shocked that he would be so divisive.

We know that Democrats are never divisive and never cater to their base as they seek votes.  They never bring up cultural issues.

Here's one example, and there are many:

Trump dials up culture wars in divisive play for 2020 votes

For President Donald Trump, it's paper straws — the latest addition to an ever-growing list of cultural flash points his campaign is seeking to highlight as part of a base-focused reelection effort.

As cities and coffee chains across the country have adopted policies aimed at limiting environmental damage, the president's campaign has targeted what it calls "liberal paper straws." It's selling a Trump-branded plastic version as a fundraising tool.

As Democrats debate policy, Trump has sought to force his potential rivals to defend the most far-reaching cultural ideas circulating within their party  

The most humorous sentence in this Washington Post article is this:

As Democrats debate policy, Trump has sought to force his potential rivals to defend the most far-reaching cultural ideas circulating within their party[.]

I believe that that sentence shows that the stenographers at the WaPo are very concerned that people with common sense who usually vote for Democrats will understand just how radical, extreme, and destructive Democrat "far-reaching cultural ideas" and other policies are and will vote to keep Trump in office in order to continue giving everyone the opportunity to move up the economic ladder and continue prosperity because of capitalism.

Here is how Democrats debate issues:

They call Trump and his supporters racists, xenophobes, homophobes, and bigots every day to gin up division and racial hate and to cater to their base.

They use mass shootings as political opportunities.  Even though there were more mass killings per year during the Obama years than during Trump, they never blamed Obama but now they always blame Trump to gin up division and cater to their base.

They continually lie about racial incidents from Ferguson and Charlottesville to gin up racial hate and division against Trump to cater to their base.

They call Trump a racist for saying the same things that Obama, Clinton, and other Democrats have said in the past about illegal aliens.  They call him a racist and xenophobe for seeking to enforce the law and build a wall to cater to their base.

They call Trump and his supporters anti-science and "deniers" for saying truthfully that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally through billions of years.  This, too, is all to cater to their base.

They promise free health care to illegal aliens to cater to their base (what does that say about their base?).

They pretend they will give reparations to blacks to cater to their base.

They offer free tuition and to write off student loans to cater to their base.

They support abortion on demand and allowing children to die after they are born to cater to their base.  (What does that say about their base?).

If I were a person posing as a journalist or other Democrat, I sure as heck would not want Trump to bring up radical Democrat policies or to debate him on economic results of Democrat policies versus his policies:

How will the Democrats sell the Green New Deal or some version where we get rid of all petroleum products in a short time?  That will destroy millions of jobs and many industries and destroy our quality of life.  It will also make the U.S weaker versus the rest of the world because China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and others will never go along.

Democrats seem to think plastic straws and the climate are more dangerous than drugs and illegal aliens, including gang members and terrorists coming across the border.

How do the Democrats defend abortion on demand or infanticide to the general public when few countries and a small percentage of people in the U.S. support late-term abortion, even if you call it by the fake name "reproductive choice"?

Look at this cowardice:

John Hickenlooper shows that even Democrat candidates don't want to be questioned about allowing newborn babies to die.

Chickenlooper Quits Radio Interview After He's Asked about Abortion

Democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper handed an interview over to a member of his staff after being asked about abortion during an interview he thought was only going to be about gun violence.  

"If you're giving me two minutes and you're limiting the topics, then this isn't a real interview," he said, before attempting again to ask whether Hickenlooper believes an infant who survives an abortion should be given medical care.

Hickenlooper declined to answer "hypothetical questions," and accused Caplis of "trying to inflame people's emotions."

The debate on health care should resemble Obamacare where the public was lied to about being allowed to keep their doctor and their plan and their premiums will go down. Most Americans do believe in freedom of choice. Democrats can explain what they would do for the millions of jobs lost in the private sector if the power and purse is transferred to D.C. from the rest of America.

A debate on taking away guns from legal gun owners should also go well.

Let's see the Democrats defend sanctuary cities and states along with giving illegal aliens free health care. Maybe Democrats can explain why so many of them voted for border security but now it is racist.

A public debate on how many sexes there are plus allowing men and boys to use girls' and women's facilities and allowing boys and men to compete against women in sports should be great.

Let's debate socialism vs. capitalism and allowing people and businesses to keep more of the money they earn.

It is easy to see why journalists don't want Trump to bring up Democrat policies.  

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