Trumped by a grandmaster

The squabble between Nancy Pelosi and the four freshpersons ("The Squad") in Congress who are out for her blood makes for a delicious serving of schadenfreude.  Old-timers have grudges against Pelosi going back quite a ways.  Like all liberals, she doesn't know the meaning of "fair play," and we chortle now that she's being hung out to dry by people who play even more unfairly than she does.

After all these years of being protected by party and congressional rules, Pelosi doesn't know what to do when the fight comes at her from outside that cocoon, as the four rookies and now her own party are doing.  Her career and power have been built on the existing ways of doing things, the written and unwritten rules and structures that were already in place.  She needed the system as it was.

Then came Trump.  He doesn't hesitate to do politics outside the unspoken rules while working within the written rules.  That's always been one of Nancy's go-to prerogatives.  This dualism (AKA hypocrisy) of holding others to standards she herself did not measure up to, was a real advantage until the new meat turned it against her.

It's rather unusual for a member of one party to insinuate himself into the quarrels of the other, but Trump just invites himself in and takes over the floor.  All he's really doing is using the contradictions of the liberal Left (Pelosi) against the progressive Left (The Squad), forcing her to make choices and take stands she doesn't want to make or take.  Trump does this sort of thing better than anyone ever did.  He sets things off, and pretty soon, they're a-kickin' and a-gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer (hat tip: Johnny Cash).

They can't help themselves.  It's what adolescents do.

It's sad when a corruptocrat like Nancy Pelosi is preferable to her party's alternative.  It's hilarious that Donald Trump is forcing her to fight them for him.  This isn't politics and strange bedfellows; it's a master being trumped (sic) by a grandmaster.