Trump smiles: Populists defeat globalists in European parliamentary elections

Coincident with burgeoning attention in America to Spygate, Steve Hilton's Positive Populism has swept the European Union.  The revolution has predictably exploded.

This not only reinforces the decision of Great Britain's P.M. Theresa May to resign, but also corroborates the downfall of German chancellor Angela Merkel (who will not seek election as party leader) and portends the departure of French president Emmanuel Macron (who was defeated by nationalist Marine Le Pen in French European Parliament elections). 

The "Three Ms" are not the only losers, for Brussels has been rebuffed for its open-border policies throughout the E.U., notably in Italy, where Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini had warned of an "Islamic State" If populists didn't poll well.

The understory may be linkage of America's Deep State effort to depose President Trump with intelligence services of Great Britain, Italy, and Australia.

This is why Trump will confront May regarding England's role in "spying" on his campaign, for British ex-spy Christopher Steele passed the Fusion GPS "Pee Dossier" to MI6.

And it is not conspiratorial to recall how Israel's version of the "Deep State" targeted P.M. Binyamin Netanyahu via ex-president Obama and more recently with bogus charges, reminiscent of how Bill Clinton had targeted him successfully two decades prior.

As Spygate unravels in America — now that declassification has started — the mesh of economic, sociological, cultural, and political elitism is also being exposed.

The impact on Great Britain will predictably become a clean Brexit, with Trump assuaging London.

This could also trigger a backlash from E.U. members such as Hungary that have tried to combat the Islam invasion.

That the E.U. is now being forced to contend with the impact of "Making America Great" may help it recognize that its member nations would be best advised to co-adopt this brand of patriotism.  They may have to be force-fed Trump's correlative message: that embracing this posture will elevate all the detriment of those who would stifle (personal and national) individuality.