The media are a major contributor to the huge crisis at the border

A few months ago, most of the media, in collusion with other Democrats, were perpetuating the blatant falsehood that President Trump was just lying about the problems at the border.  The mantra that was continually spewed to the public was that it was a "manufactured crisis."  The purpose of this lie is to indoctrinate the thought into the public's mind that Trump and his supporters are racist.  The lie allowed Democrats to obstruct funding for the wall and obstruct the building of shelters and enforcing the law, making the crisis far worse.

It doesn't matter that Trump is trying to enforce the laws Congress passed, that ICE and the border agents are doing their jobs.  The only reason this is happening is that Trump is a racist and he doesn't want people who don't look like him to come into the country.  Under Trump, the country continues to accept over one million people each year to legally become citizens.  These immigrants come in all colors.  Facts haven't mattered in a long time to most of the media.  Electing Democrats is all that matters.

As the crisis has continually become more serious, the same people who say Trump was making up the crisis now blame Trump, the border guards, and DHS for the problem.  What a load of crap!  The crisis has been compounded because Democrats refuse to provide funds, refuse to enforce laws in sanctuary cities and states, and encourage families and unaccompanied children to take the dangerous journey by telling them they can come without risk.  Now the presidential candidates are offering free health care and promised they won't be criminally charged.  It will just encourage more to come.

Many Democrats, including Obama, Schumer, Durbin, and Bill Clinton, have all talked about the need to rein in illegal immigration.  They have used the same words as Trump.  Yet they were not called racists, and Hollywood didn't protest.  The hypocrisy is obvious, but as always, the facts are hidden from the public by most of the media.

Democrats had the White House from 2009 to 2016.  They had complete control of Congress in 2009 and 2010.  Yet they did not pass comprehensive immigration.  It appears they like immigration as an election issue.

Here are just a few examples of the lie about the manufactured crisis.

Pelosi and Schumer dismiss Trump's 'manufactured crisis' on border security

After the media and Democrats continually lied about no crisis, Pelosi lied to the public that they never said there wasn't a crisis at the border.  She knows that the media never hold Democrats to account for their blatant lies and inaction.

Nancy Pelosi: 'We Have Never Not Said There Was a Crisis' at U.S.-Mexico Border

Here are some things the media didn't care about during the Obama-Biden eight-year reign that they pretend to care about now: separation of powers, the rule of law, children separated from their parents, children in cages, and deaths of immigrants on the border.

Doesn't it indicate fake outrage when the media supported Obama no matter what he said or did?

Something journalists and Democrats didn't care about when Obama was in office and don't care about now is all the people who have been killed by illegal aliens each year.

President Obama compounded the immigration problem by dictatorially changing immigration law when he repeatedly said the Constitution wouldn't allow him to do it.  Anyone with a brain the size of a pea knew that people weren't going to send back the parents or other siblings who didn't meet the criteria in DACA, but the media and other Democrats cheered for this violation of the separation of powers. 

Obama officials rushed to explain photos from 2014 that went viral showing locked-up immigrant children — and Trump's facilities look the same

President Obama Speaks on Immigration Reform

What's more, "it's meant the heartbreak of separated families," the President stressed.

20 Times Breitbart Reported on Migrant Deaths During Obama-Biden Years and No One Cared

Why don't the media report all the lives saved by border patrol agents each year?  The answer is that obviously it doesn't fit the Democrat agenda to label Trump and his administration as racists, and the Democrat agenda is all that matters.  It would be inconvenient to tell the people the truth.

Border Patrol Agents Rescued 4300 Migrants from Life-Threatening Situations in 2018

Border Patrol agents carried out more than 4,300 rescues of illegal immigrants along or near the U.S. border with Mexico during Fiscal Year 2018, CBP officials reported on Friday. This is up from more than 3,400 the prior year.

Journalists and other Democrats always play the race card to gin up racial hate and violence in order to keep minorities on the plantation. They need their votes to win so they will do and say whatever is necessary to get those votes. The manufactured crisis lies, along with the lie about what Trump said at Charlottesville, are deplorable, irredeemable and disgusting.

Then, after journalists and other Democrats lie to trash Trump and divide the country, they lecture about how polarizing and divisive Trump is. They have trashed and lied about Republicans for decades in order to get votes so they should quit lying or implying that this all started because of Trump.

Here is a riddle: What two common characteristics do the following lies have in common?

Settled science lies, Russian Collusion lies, Obamacare lies, manufactured crisis lies, the hands up don't shoot lie, the lie that Trump said some Nazis are good, the tax cuts only benefit the rich, and across the board income tax cuts cost the government money.

The first characteristic is that they are all obvious lies. The second is that they are all Democrat talking point lies to push the Democrat agenda and elect Democrats.

When will journalists do their job working for the American people instead of campaigning for Democrats and big government?

Photo credit: Sgt. 1st Class Gordon Hyde.

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