Trump outmaneuvers the media on the 4th

I got an email from my buddy Boomer out in Guam, a retired veteran of the Vietnam War, which contained the astute observation that the media had made July 4 all about Trump, while the president had made it all about America.  My reaction was, "What a succinct way to sum up more than a week of total media madness."  The truth of that is inescapable — in the run-up to the Fourth, the Mara Salvatrucha of the media had their machetes out, savagely hacking at Donald Trump's expressed wishes for a military presence in our nation's parade in our nation's capital, a gang of ink-stained pundits seeking to maim what they can't kill.

As a combat veteran of a long-ago war, I was solidly aligned with the president on that — after all, who secured this independence we're celebrating but combat veterans?  Or, for that matter, who ensured the continuance of that freedom for more than two centuries?  But no, simply because the bogeyman under their bed had expressed a perfectly logical and reasonable desire to display a bit of our military might in a celebratory parade that has its origins in the military victories of our forefathers, those candy-assed wimps in the liberal media threw a week-long hissy fit, proclaiming loudly and endlessly that Trump was just seeking to glorify himself by hijacking a national holiday.  Oh, my, how indignant and outraged they were!  A travesty against America was being perpetrated by a self-glorifying narcissist who had no right to be president anyway because everyone knows Hillary won the popular vote, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, the indignity, the inhumanity, the outright slap-in-the-face insult!  So these media weenies dutifully demonstrated their spittle-flecking, set-chewing indignation, inflaming their declining viewership into what now passes for widespread liberal outrage, and in the process, they sent the more deranged of their devotees into deep blue depression throughout this red, white, and blue–spangled holiday.  Imagine all the quiche and Chablis dyspepsia across liberal-land, attributable to these fizzing media dyspeptics in New York, D.C., and L.A., as their yellow waves of anti-Trump bile rolled out across blue states, college towns, and art colonies in America.  He can't do this!  He can't make this all about himself and his 2020 campaign!  He's a damned dictator!

And then came that rainy 4th, and a dampened but undeterred Donald made fools of the lot, serving as a modest, rain-soaked moderator for the national celebration of a nation paying tribute to itself for its founding accomplishments and leading role in this world.  That he used military services to skillfully perform much of this tribute must have generated some serious acid reflux in more than a few of those braying throats of the media MS-13, people who really should consider getting some of their more outrageous Trump Derangement utterances tattooed quite prominently all over their pliant bodies and even softer heads.  Hint: "I hate Trump" fits nicely on your knuckles, knuckleheads.

Were it not so sad, I'd be laughing at how once again, Donald so cleverly outplayed them: they had spent more than a week talking about how Trump would make it all about himself — then the man, the patriot, spent his time on the 4th of July talking about the greatness of America.

The difference between Donald and his denouncers simply couldn't be any more obvious.

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