Triggered NeverTrumps pout on Fourth of July; patriots celebrate

While the oh, so sensitive, oh, so narrow-minded, oh, so non-inclusive NeverTrumps scuttled to their safe spaces of the NeverTrumps' broadcast networks and failing cable fake news networks, triggered by President Donald J. Trump (R)'s proud and patriotic 4th of July Independence Day celebration, patriotic and proud Americans publicly displayed their loyalty to their country by participating in person in the festivities on Washington, D.C.'s mall: — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 5, 2019 For watching on the few real news networks. While the racist liberals compared the display of American military strength, which guarantees our country's freedom and the freedom of so many around the world, to the real evil horrors of Nazism, about which they know nothing, those who understand the meaning of peace through strength cheered the Armed Forces flyovers. F22s will never not be cool...(Read Full Post)
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