The morons of Florida's 24th district

In Florida, Democratic representative Frederica Wilson says people should be prosecuted for making fun of members of Congress online.  I will tread lightly in fear of retribution from my representative class; I'm not interested in getting the Andy Ngo treatment from Democratic goon squads, whether couched as Antifa or Bill Mueller's fair and impartial staff of headhunters.

First I need statistics from Wilson's district.  Population‎: ‎693,086.  Race‎: ‎37.7% White, 56.2% Black, 1.9% Asian.  And then there is the big one: unemployment‎: ‎16%.

Hey, voters of the 24th Florida district, do you know what the national unemployment rate is for the rest of the nation? 

The U.S. unemployment rate stood at 3.6 percent in May 2019.

I am not allowed to criticize your elected representative, so I will speak to you, the voters of Florida's 24th congressional district.

What kind of morons are you?

You persist in sending this highly qualified and results-oriented woman to speak for you and work on your behalf in the Congress while your unemployment numbers are four times the national average.

How stupid are you?

Don't you want jobs?  Don't you want to move up the economic ladder? 

Why do you persist in dragging the whole country down to your lower than low statistical level?  Have you no pride, no shame, no sense of duty to the rest of the country?

If not for you, the national unemployment rate might stand at 3.4 percent.  But no, you have to elect this highly intelligent and diligent woman to represent your best interests.

And she is great — who could argue with an unemployment rate of 16% in a nation that averages 3.6%?  I might, but I'm not allowed to.

Voters of Florida's 24th district, please do not criticize the single rasher of bacon your highly competent member of congress brings home to improve your well-being and living conditions; it may soon be against the law.

It is apparent that you don't believe you deserve better than the brilliant and well spoken Frederica Wilson.

But maybe the rest of us do.

Graphic corrected.