Batter-brained IHOP can kiss my bucks goodbye

I don't go out of my way to determine the political affinities of establishments where I spend my consumer dollars.  But they should understand that that doesn't mean I'll simply ignore their bad behaviors when they corporately and symbolically spit in my face over a political or cultural issue.

Thus, I have not darkened the doors of a Dick's or a Target store in some years now, nor have I had a bowl of any Kellogg's cereal since I can last remember.  Too many of our corporate executives discount the inconvenient truth that so many American consumers, once lost by a politically correct, virtue-signaling concession to any of the various liberal identity groups, are difficult to ever bring back to the fold.  This arrogant disbelief is likely willful, as any such admission of knowing their actions may well be financially detrimental over the long term could get them into serious trouble with shareholders.  

Two of these latest corporate transgressors are Nike and IHOP.  Since Nike products have always been grossly overpriced, I can't boycott them, for the simple reason that I've never wasted my hard-earned dollars on their products.  I prefer New Balance, which so far remains free of liberal virtue-signaling.  IHOP is a different matter — it didn't just try to placate liberals, but insulted a family member. Or so it seems, since Tucker Carlson is in my living room every night, setting examples in moral and political courage that our GOP members of Congress and Corporate America really should take to heart.  Maybe IHOP's execs, who just announced they'll no longer advertise on Tucker's very popular evening program, should have considered this:

Fox News' prime-time lineup of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham had a larger combined average audience in the second quarter of 2019 than all of CNN's programming combined.

Surely, they wouldn't ignore such an important potential advertising trend as the continuing ascendancy of Fox News primetime headliners, Carlson and Hannity, and the concomitant decline in viewers for that icon of LGBTQW* thought, Rachel Maddow?  Tell me they wouldn't do that to their loyal (NYSE: DIN) shareholders — no, surely not.  Ah, but they did, and most interestingly, just at the time they're changing CEOs.

Perhaps the board of directors was less than enamored of the departing fellow (an oil industry exec)'s recently ill advised and short-lived menu-bending surgical change from IHOP to IHOb, the International House of burgers.  Talk about serious post-operative complications — the surgery fails to take, and you lose your Daddy?  Whose big idea it all was?  Good grief!  That's hard to take even without your already suffering from menu-assignment issues.

Luckily for me, in our town, Chick-fil-A is directly across the street from IHOP.  Guess I'll just have to eat an early lunch instead of a late breakfast from now on.  As an added benefit, that will save me the hassle of waiting in those long, unruly lines of IHOb burger aficionados.  IHOP, and, by the way, its Applebee's restaurants, as well, can kiss my bucks goodbye.  And you can bet your bucks, just as with Dick's, Target, and Kellogg's, I won't be back anytime soon, likely ever.

*W: Whatever...