The GOP and socialized health care

Maybe the heat in Washington is getting to the politicians this year.  Some Republicans are starting to support populist policies that just a few years ago they would have ridiculed then–Senate majority leader Harry Reid for even considering.  The Left has decided that almost their whole party is going to run for the office of president.  With the Left controlling the House and the right controlling the Senate, frustration seems to be everywhere — which means that the perfect storm for a liberty-stealing compromise also seems to be brewing.  The faster that August break can get here, the safer will be our liberty, health, and pocketbooks. One of the possible compromises is taking shape with an issue referred to as "Surprise Medical Billing."  Back in May, President Trump called on Congress to remedy the problem of unexpectedly high charges insured patients can face when a member of a medical team that...(Read Full Post)
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