The best places to retire tend conservative just published its renowned ranking of the best and worst states for retirement.  The categories rated, in order of weightings (in parentheses), include affordability (40%), wellness (25%), culture (15%), weather (15%), and crime (5%).  Conspicuously, the top five states all have Republican governors, while most of the bottom states are run by Democrats.  Moreover, much of the political machinery of the top states are Republican-run, allowing for coherent policies affecting affordability. The top five, in descending order, are Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, South Dakota, and Florida.  No surprise that Florida scored very well on weather and culture, but the other four states all outperform in areas where policy can have a big impact — affordability, crime, and wellness.  While Missouri is below par on crime ratings, that was more than offset by its top rating in affordability. Conversely, the bottom states are...(Read Full Post)