MSM Manhattan myopia on full view over the weekend

Yes, I am being a curmudgeon here.  And yes, losing electric power for a few hours is inconvenient.  But the huge coverage given to a power outage in Manhattan Saturday revealed the incredible narcissism of our media overlords there.  Fox News blew off Judge Jeanine's Saturday night show — which she calls the weekend ratings champion of the channel every week — in favor of wall-to-wall coverage of 72,000 customers losing their electricity.

If 72,000 customers in Cincinnati or central Alabama had lost their power, it might merit a mention on the national news, if nothing else noteworthy were going on.

But let it happen to the burg where the media folk live, and it is a full-blown national crisis, driving other news to the sidelines as we all worry about Manhattanites maybe stuck in elevators.

YouTube screen grab.

OK, sure, it was the 42nd anniversary of another blackout that resulted in widespread looting.  But thanks to what the progressives derisively call "mass incarceration" and enforcement of the "broken windows" approach to prosecuting criminals for even minor offenses, indicating that criminality is not tolerated, there was no outbreak of looting.  Thanks, Rudy Giuliani — you made a long-lasting difference.

OK, some focus on that point would have been worthwhile.  But I saw none of that coverage.

This narcissism is a contributing factor in the widespread resentment of our elites.

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