Whoever leaked Brit ambassador's emails did the UK a favor

Sir Kim Darroch is out as the United Kingdom's ambassador to the U.S., and the U.K. is better off for it.  He has been revealed to be a Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer, unable to offer well grounded observations of the politics of the United States to the Foreign Office.

The latest revelation clinches the case that he was not grounded in reality.  The U.K. Daily Mail, the very newspaper that first published the leaked missives, covers another leak, this one to its rival, the Telegraph:

Britain's former ambassador to the U.S. vouched for the credibility of Christopher Steele, the author of the explosive dossier detailing Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russia

Sir Kim Darroch, who quit his post after leaked diplomatic cables revealed his outspoken criticism of President Trump's administration and personality, backed the former MI6 spy when asked by a U.S. official.  

Mr Steele's so-called 'dodgy dossier' had alleged that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to fix the 2016 election and that he paid prostitutes to urinate on him in a Moscow hotel room.

And the same leaked diplomatic cables which revealed Sir Kim's damaging comments about President Trump, in which he called his administration 'inept', also showed that Sir Kim backed Mr Steele's dossier, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

Keep in mind that Sir Kim was endorsing the lunatic notion that Donald Trump hired prostitutes in Moscow to urinate on his hotel room bed because Barack Obama had previously slept in it.

What is most disconcerting is that it appears that the rest of the Foreign Office bureaucracy found Darroch's reports acceptable and probably conducted foreign policy as if they were based on accurate assessments of the American political reality.  That helps explain why the U.K.'s intelligence agencies appear to have cooperated with the CIA and FBI cabal in seeking to oust an elected leader of this country.

The U.K. has a Deep State at least as entrenched and powerful as our own.  I have wondered, ever since President Trump spent an extraordinary amount of time speaking with Queen Elizabth II, if the two heads of state agree on the need for serious reform of the bureaucrats who ostensibly serve them.

Her Majesty appears quite happy to meet President Trump at Buckingham Palace.
YouTube screen grab.

One item that caught my attention — from the Daily Mail:

The Queen's former private secretary Christopher Geidt was named by Whitehall sources as a frontrunner to replace Sir Kim in Washington[.]

If you think the British monarchy is purely symbolic, you are mistaken.  The monarchy is the custodian of the realm in a time frame that exceeds that of mere politicians.

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