Magical thinking is what's wrecking our country

When asked to identify the single greatest strategic threat to America, participants in the recent Democratic debate offered China, Russia, Iran, climate change, even Donald Trump, but they were all wrong.  The greatest threat to America's future is the rapid proliferation of "magical thinking" among the populace and electorate. Magical thinking is adherence to ideas that are deeply held despite the absence of any evidence that they are correct or in the face of evidence that they are wrong.  It ignores basic concepts, like cause and effect, and replaces logic with emotion.  For those engaged in magical thinking, beliefs always trump facts. The ideas magical thinkers espouse are often utopian, so evidence that they are irrational, or just plain wrong, leads to labeling those who thwarted the desired outcome, or just pointed out that it wasn't rational, as evil, because they stand in the way of the magical outcome.  Since...(Read Full Post)