How Trump can 'clobber' Democrats on their $15 minimum wage

House Democrats passed a $15 an hour minimum wage plan Thursday by a 231-139 vote, patting themselves on the back as champions of the working stiff. Via Mother Jones, here's what socialist Bernie Sanders had to tweet:   Today is historic. A few years ago, people laughed and called us "crazy" when we called to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Today, the U.S. House is voting on legislation to do just that. That is what happens when working people build a movement for change. — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) July 18, 2019   Some complications for Bernie can be read at Thomas Lifson's post here. Be that as it may, Bernie and all his leftist congressional coevals are exultant. At long last they can say they accomplished something in their dysfunctional House, the one they run. And no doubt, they will be out telling workers they did a good deed, so go vote for them. The dark side, of course, is that...(Read Full Post)
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