Have the Democrats reached their culminating point?

Many AT contributors have written about the vulgarities of our current political environment.  The naked lust for power by those on the far left has removed any remaining sense of decorum.  The current political landscape has devolved into a zero-sum game where there can only be winners and losers, and many have postulated the potential breakout of hostilities into an actual blood-shedding civil war.  Thus, the use of military analogies to describe our political situation seems appropriate.

In warfare, battles rage on various fronts, and the tide of battle can ebb and flow.  However, certain strategic moments provide great insight to the overall status of a campaign or war.  One particular strategic instance is called the culminating point.   As generally defined, the culminating point is "the point at which a force no longer has the capability to continue its form of operations.  This can occur on offense or defense.  In the offense, the point at which continuing the attack is no longer possible and the force must consider reverting to a defensive posture or attempting an operational pause. In the defense, the point at which counteroffensive action is no longer possible" (JP 3-0) (U.S. DoD).

When we review previous wars and historic campaigns, the benefit of hindsight makes finding the culminating point fairly easy.  Some gain such infamy that they take on a special meaning all to themselves, such as "meeting your Waterloo."  Culminating points where American troops were involved would be Yorktown during the Revolutionary War, Gettysburg during the Civil War, Midway in the Naval campaign of WWII against Japan, and the Battle of the Bulge for the land war in Europe.

Transitioning to political combat, the Democrats began offensive operations during the 2016 presidential campaign as an "insurance policy" in the unlikely event that candidate Trump became President Trump.  Activating personnel across multiple agencies throughout the massive Deep State swamp, the attack on Trump as a Russian colluder and then as an obstructer of justice has been relentless.  Cries for impeachment filled our living rooms each night and echoed through the halls of Congress.  They became louder when the Democrats took control of the House in 2018.

Confidence among the younger warriors grew, and the weapon believed to be able to take Trump down was the Mueller report.  A pre-assault bombing dominated the airwaves with their allied talking heads in the media screeching, "Russia!  Russia!  Russia!"

Alas, to the shock and dismay of Democrats and the far left, the Mueller report failed to slay their hated enemy.  Trump remained in office.  After the initial shock of their failure, a few futile efforts were attempted — mere spasms of a dying offensive.  Mueller was brought out for a press conference, a House vote to consider impeachment was held with disastrous results, and finally the Mueller testimony debacle just witnessed eliminated virtually all remaining hope of removing our president.

The chants for impeachment will still go on, but as Speaker Pelosi scans the political battlefield, she must feel as General Longstreet did at Gettysburg, overlooking a mile of open terrain, facing frontal and enfilade cannon fire and an entrenched enemy on higher ground.  The chance for success is desperately slim.  It may be time to withdraw.

Though the Democratic offensive may be stopped and a counteroffensive of investigations into the criminal activity that started this investigative fiasco may prove devastating, the war is not over.  Powerful agencies such as Big Tech may come to the aid of Democrats in the upcoming 2020 campaign.  Additionally, they still retain airwave and social media superiority.

Finally, for those who love our country and desire to make our nation great through a return to moral goodness, truth, and justice, this is not a time to gloat or relax.   Those criminally involved in this attempt to illegally unseat a president must be brought to justice.  A nation cannot be great without adhering to the wisdom of pursing truth and equal justice for all.

We need to remain vigilant.  There was another war — a war where the U.S. never lost a major battle and our enemy reached its culminating point.  It was the Tet Offensive in Vietnam.  That was the last sustainable offensive campaign of North Vietnam, and within months, our troops had stopped the offensive, regained lost territory, and restored order.  We shouldn't need to be reminded how that war ended.  In this upcoming political battle, be diligent to ensure we do not make a similar mistake.

Tom McAllister is a business consultant, speaker, and author of the book Short Strolls in Faith and regular blogs on www.shortstrollsinfaith.com.