General Michael Flynn finally gets a break: Sidney Powell

In early June, after 2-plus years of hell with the Mueller Special Counsel prosecution team and the Judge, Emmett Sullivan threatening jail time, General Michael Flynn  terminated his Covington and Burling lawyers (big DC firm) and hired Sidney Powell, junk yard dog former federal prosecutor, solo warrior, who just may get Flynn his life back.

Here at American Thinker I have previously praised Sidney Powell this year for her courageous and effective attacks on federal prosecutorial abuse.  This year she has become a prominent media commenter on the Mueller Special Counsel misconduct, but she continues her assertions that there are bad actors, abusive prosecutors in the Department of Justice, particularly some of the prominent players in the recent Mueller special counsel debacle/attempted coup.

In early June Ms. Powell was engaged to represent General Michael Flynn, one of the few indictments of the Mueller team that resulted in a guilty plea on a process crime -- inconsistencies and variations in interview answers compared to evidence in an FBI interview of General Flynn. 

Sidney Powell (YouTube screen grab - cropped) 

The Fearless and eloquent Powell recently made a speech about the need for criminal justice reform, including at the highest levels, at the lecture entitled, “What It  Really Means to be a Federal Prosecutor,” which was for Capitol Hill interns and sponsored by The Fund for American Studies and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

“We have a problem in this country with unfettered prosecutorial power and what I call over criminalization,” said Powell, who authored the book I reviewed in the linked AT article above that specifically details the extraordinary misconduct of one of Robert Mueller’s lead prosecutors, Andrew Weismann.  But Ms. Powell detailed much more in her book.

In her speech Ms. Powell noted the conviction rate of prosecutors is over 95 percent and she asserted “We have lost the presumption of innocence,” Powell said. “People think that once somebody is indicted the charges are real, when they can be as concocted as the Arthur Anderson indictment, the Merrill Lynch indictment…. We need to remind ourselves every day not to rush to judgment….

Ms. Powell has turned the Flynn case upside down, and it appears that she is working to create the right circumstances for a Flynn pardon, that would end the matter, free Flynn and avoid uncertainty and adding to the Flynn expenses.  

John Dale Dunn MD JD is a physician and inactive attorney in Brownwood, Texas