California's Gavin Newsom torched as red-hot hypocrite for calling Trump's wall wasteful

California's leftist governor, Gavin Newsom, got it in the teeth on Twitter after he tried to decry President Trump's border wall as, of all things, government waste. 



And it didn't end well for him.

He drew about 6,000 replies, virtually all of them negative, with a large number of them clearly from the locals. Here's a whiff of it:





























I included just the ones with some 'imagine' mockery, and there are some great ones without, as well as impressive memes on that thread. The ratio of negative to positive comments is, according to my estimate, about 99 to 1.

You can see the emerging themes. The money going to the wall is what frees up funds for services for Americans, such as the homeless, veterans, military families and the poor. 

The money being spent on a wall is dwarfed by the money wasted by the state of California on its useless green boondoggles, such as the bullet train to nowhere. Lot of disgust about that among the locals.

That the money Newsom is spending on free health care for illegals is unfair to the Californians who pay the taxes and get nothing.

That illegals are overrunning the state and committing crimes against locals, while Democrats are turning their backs.

That the cities are filthy and Democrats are not cleaning them up.

That Newsom is a rich man living in a mansion and very out of touch with the voters and he ought to be thrown out.

This is a sign of something bad going on for Newsom. And it's an impressive catalogue of his many hypocrisies. He deserves to be thrown out and one can only hope it will happen.







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