Between a Brussels farce and a German demographic disaster

Two events happened last week — one profusely covered in the European and world media, the other hardly at all — that would have long-lasting and, in the second case, profound implications for generations to come.  The first case had to do with the elections of Ursula von der Layen as the new president of the European Commission, the second with the publication of a study showing that the Germans increasingly are losing their majorities to those with a migrant background. The second study was vastly more important historically for the future of Europe, but that, predictably, was not the coverage it received.  Instead, it was barely noticed, driven as it was to obscurity by the hubbub of von der Layen's election.  That election, in fact, was little more than a Brussels farce of the first order and yet another reminder that democracy in the E.U. capital has become a quaint idea often mentioned but seldom really practiced.  Not...(Read Full Post)
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