The immigration solution: Thank the Canadians

The invasion of illegal aliens across America's southern border has a solution I haven't seen discussed anywhere, involving no violence and no walls.  I thank the Border Patrol and Justin Trudeau for the inspiration.

After taking aliens into custody and minimally processing them (I suggest fingerprints and a DNA sample; maybe a microchip), load them on railroad cars and ship them to Canada instead of bussing or flying them to U.S. destinations.  The illegal aliens are mostly Millennials, and Canada wants more of them to move to its cities and keep real estate prices high.

Canada also believes that diversity makes the nation strong.  Let's help the Canadians beef up into a global superpower.  They can demonstrate their superior moral virtue by taking in every person we can ship them.  We can send them the illegals already in the sanctuary cities, too.  San Francisco could wind up with clean streets again.  Win-win!

And Canadians are too nice to complain, even if they don't like it.  I believe it's part of their legal system — i.e., complaining is an official hate crime.  Sauce for the Mexican goose is sauce for the American gander.  We'll be like Mexico and pass the bucks (and does and fawns) north.

Maybe Canada can send them west, to China, to live in those ghost cities.  I'm pretty sure there are no tariffs on illegal aliens.

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