Is President Trump serious about Iran?

Since the untimely revolution of 1979 in Iran, which replaced the loyal ally and friend of the United States, the shah of Iran, with the ayatollah Khomeini, Iran has become a hub for Islamic terrorism.  Except for a band of religious zealots in Iran, no one there expected or even desired an Islamic state.  The people wanted freedom and democracy.  I know this because I was there at the early stages of this revolution.

The so-called Islamic revolution of Iran was one of the greatest misfortunes of the 20th century.  After the victory of the Islamists, the people of Iran found themselves between a rock and a hard place.  How so?  In a highly undemocratic referendum, people were asked:

Islamic Republic: Yes or No?

After 2,500 years, the Persian empire came to an end via major support by the Western powers, particularly by the former U.S. president Jimmy Carter.  When the reality sank in, Iranians were forced to choose the Shah's replacement in a falsely worded phony referendum, orchestrated by radical mullahs.

"A day before the referendum, when the mourning of Ashura was practiced, the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini said, those who will not vote tomorrow, will help Americans and desecrate Shohada (Martyrs)."

Well, the Islamists gave the Iranian people an offer they couldn't refuse, to borrow the phrase from The Godfather.  Those who said no had their IDs (birth certificates) labeled "monafegh," anti-revolutionary or enemies of Islam.  Then you would never see or hear from them again.  This undemocratic referendum, just like Islam itself, was forced down the throats of Iranians.  This action had the blessing of the Western powers, which gave it legitimacy.

In no time at all, Islam, long fractured, lethargic, and dormant, found a new vitality under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini, who raised the Black Standard and promised Allah's paradise to the totality of mankind for the simple price of accepting his Shiite brand of Islam.  This was the revival and the inspiration in the Muslim world of Islamic terrorism around the globe.

Forces of evil win when Democrats are in power and lose when adults are in control.  Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was sold out by Jimmy Carter.  The Green Revolution was sold out by Barack Obama.  American hostages were freed by Ronald Reagan.  The Cold War ended by Ronald Reagan.  ISIS was started with Barack Obama in office.  ISIS occupation ended under Donald Trump.

The civilized world has an obligation to free Iran — not only for egalitarian peace-seeking, but for its own interest.  The Islamic Republic of Iran must be viewed as not only a nuclear menace, but a human rights violator.  The United States labeled the Islamic Republic of Iran the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism.  It is long past time for the heads of Iran's totalitarian theocracy to be held accountable.

For the past forty years, President Trump's predecessors spoke in support of the people of Iran, albeit without any serious action.  In fact, president after president did his best to open a dialogue with this rogue regime and aimed to do business without any consideration for the Iranian people's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

After the failures of previous U.S. presidents, the destiny of 85 million Iranian people has fallen into the hands of the current one, Donald Trump.  It is his turn to make a decision on what to do with Iran now.  Here is the question that is in the hearts and minds of most Iranians: is President Trump going to follow his predecessors' policy of appeasement and try to make a deal with this illegitimate terrorist regime, or is he indeed a man of action, someone who makes history, as he so rightfully and boldly declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel?  History will tell.

Due to Iran's totalitarian government, there is no political freedom.  There are no political parties or organizations, no NGOs.  There is no freedom of speech; there are no other freedoms.  Everything, even what people wear, is imposed by Islamic rule and under the supervision of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and his made-up philosophy of "Velayat-e Faqih" (the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist).

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a source of instability in the Middle East.  It is about time for the U.S. government to stand with the Iranian people and not the regime.  By standing on the side of President Trump's fans, the Iranian people, the U.S. will show its adherence to principles of decency and human rights, overriding commercial considerations and political expedience.

We have invaluable allies on the ground in Iran.  There are some 50 million Iranians who are the best hope in that part of the world.  These enlightened Iranians despise the mullahs and have no animosity toward Israel or the United States.  Most of these people are well educated and smart and have broken away from Islamism.  They are in the best position to send the mullahs packing for good.

U.S. officials must decide their priorities with foresight and wisdom and shy away from shortsighted, simplistic solutions.  Instead of throwing a lifeline to the sinking ship of the mullahcracy, we must act resolutely in doing everything to help the Iranian people defeat the mullahs.  It is our best and most effective choice.